February 2nd, 2004


i feel really really good right now.

spring is coming. i was driving this morning and its getting lighter earlier, and despite the snow you can just sense everything starting to roll over and begin the process of waking up.

being born in winter, you really learn to appreciate spring.

i got new fishnets yesterday. this morning on the way out of my room i ripped them. haha. see? YOU SEE. i am so punk that i can't even try to dress "nicely" because something always gets dirty or ripped within 30 minutes of me wearing it.

haha, i dont think this is a bad thing. its only right that i look as chaotic and messy as i feel.

well, im off to go eat breakfast.

argyle socks + ratty black chucks + fake leather skirt + my lighting bolt shirt + big warm hoodie = very comfy, very pleased erika.

yea, i feel pleased.

oh and weirdness factor is a 10 because last night i dreamed tommy's dad was killed in the war. someone ran him over with a tank. he died on friday the 13th (which is coming up this month) and i felt horrible because i figured since i was born on friday the 13th that it was my fault.

have a good day everyone.

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    the news - whoa? its groundhog day? cool shit.