March 4th, 2004

my brain is dead.

current clothing: my new pants, my leopard pring skirt, this fishnetty black shirt, black and white thermal hoodie, skull bandana, green and purple striped socks.
current mood: exhausted, depressed, anxious, desperate
current taste: chex mix
current hair: most in a ponytail with my bandana
current annoyance: feeling, my toe, and my knee
current smell: my pillow
current thing you ought to be doing: drawing
current jewelry: a ribbon around my neck, a bunch of bracelets, my lip ring
current book: 100 years of solidtude
current refreshment: green berry rush hawaiian punch
current worry: being sold out tomorrow
current crush: this huge weight thats crushing my mind is the only one i can think of
current favorite celebrity: i dont care.
current longing: very strange one, but to be sitting in the rain crying with someone sitting by me just holding me.
current music: uhm. launch radio..
current wish: that the world would melt away and leave me to my peace
current lyric in your head: dig me out dig me in out of this mess baby out of my head
current makeup (if you're a girl!): boys can wear makeup too you assfuck. uhm. green mascara and blue lipstick all over my eyes
current undergarments: why do you care.
current regret: im not sure if i regret it or not.. i dont know
current desktop picture: just blue, standard school background
current plans for tonight/weekend: tonight babysit, go home, do homework, shower, take ambien, go to bed weekend - babysit saturday night, go to my moms at some point
current cuss word du jour: fuck off is pretty standard for me
current disappointment: life
current amusement: my shoe
current IM/person you're talking to: im not talking to anyone, im not even on aim
current love: the stars
current obsession: listening to music
current avoidance: tara
current thing or things on your wall: its not my wall
current favorite book: the one im reading
current favorite movie: donnie darko
  • Current Music
    metallica - nothing else matters