March 22nd, 2004

on saturday..

borris got a new 4 wheeler. a blaster. so he wanted to take me for a ride.

so i went. i wasnt wearing a helmet. going down this snowy hill he didnt slow down in time because he's a moron. so we hit the bank i flew over him and landed on the left side of my face and flipped over. so i got up and my first thought was "thank god i can move, my neck isnt broken." then i noticed how bad my face hurt. and then the blood started literally gushing out of my nose. these people stopped and gave me tissues and blahblah. got back to the house and diane helped me clean up. so as far as i know nothing is broken. i have a cut under my nose that goes all the way through into my mouth. and a black eye. and a big bruise on my arm. and my back and ribs and neck are sore. annnnnnnnnnd a really swollen face.

i did a faceplant into some tree stumps.


i wont get on a 4wheeler with him again.

i look so funny. i'll try and get some pictures. *shakes head* people, wear your fucking helmets.
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i dont want to babysit today. i have to go clean at my moms house afterschool.

my stomach hurts.

and i am really cranky.

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