April 20th, 2004

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Three things that scare me:
+ spiders
+ the dark
+ death

Three things that make me laugh:
+ when people make weird faces at me
+ music
+ driving like an insane person

Three Things I love:
+ thunderstorms
+ looking at the stars
+ having a good time with my friends

Three Things I hate: (more like: dislike)
+ my brain
+ feeling lonely
+ when people make me really angry

Three things I don't understand:
+ how people can stay in longterm relationships
+ life
+ myself

Three things on my desk:
+ its the school's desk but, a mouse
+ speakers
+ my foot

Three things I'm doing right now:
+ procrastinating
+ chewing gum
+ shaking

Three things I want to do before I die:
+ find the fountain of youth
+ read every book i want to
+ discover the meaning of life

Three things I can do:
+ make creepy noises
+ make up the most random stories
+ cheer people up when they're down.

Three ways to describe my personality:
+ explosive
+ confusing
+ gullible

Three things I can't do:
+ a handstand
+ get my shit together
+ forget

Which do you prefer? (Saying neither is for pussies.)
School shootings vs. Bank robberies.: eh, i guess robberies.
Owls vs. Lobsters.: owls
Smoking vs. Drinking.: ahhhhhhhhh. gah. uuuuhm. since im a total nicotine fiend. i guess smoking
Real estate agents vs. Police men.: real estate agents. no real estate agent has ever given me a problem.
Anal vs. Aural.: aural? do you mean oral? if so. oral.
Teachers vs. Politicians: teachers, at least they still have their souls.. in theory
Head lice vs. Immense body hair.: lice, its a temporary problem compared to the immense amount body hair
Rednecks vs. Socialites: rednecks.
Pie vs. Cake: cake. everyone knows pie is gross.
Slow and painful death vs. Slow and painful sex.: uhm. slow and painful sex. at least you dont die at the end.
Hardcore vegans vs. Hardcore christians.: vegans.
Pink plastic flamingos vs. Lawn gnomes.: aww. man. i dont know. lawn gnomes are fucking creepy as hell so i guess flamingos.
Hurricane vs. Tornado.: hurricane.

procrastination is boring sometimes...
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