April 21st, 2004

procrastinating again

1.) Confirm your identity: erika
2.) How many years have you been on the planet? 18 or so..
3.) What are three phrases you use at least daily? "in theory" "blow me" "fuck off" "what?" "you're fucking pissing me off, get the fuck away from me i hate you"
4.) Are you a survey addict? days like this... yes
5.) Do you have an online journal that you use regularly? chet youbetcha
6.) Are you one of those people that are constantly applying lotion and/or chapstick? some days, yes, yes i am.
7.) Name any mental disorders you have been diagnosed with: add, obsessive compulsive tendencies, some kind of dissociative disorder, major depressive disorder, insomnia, generalized anxiety disorder.
8.) Ever freeze anyone's underwear? hmm.. actually yes.
9.) Name one thing you only do/act like/wear/etc. because someone else thinks you should: a lot of times i laugh and smile just because no one would want to be around me if they knew how melancholy i often am.
10.) Would you consider yourself random? very.
11.) Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that still have the tags on them? no, but my bass does.
12.) Do you doodle all over your papers/homework/books? yes, i cant help it. i get yelled at for it sometimes, but its better than when i used to draw all over my arms and legs i guess.
13.) Do you write down phone messages/notes on your hands? yes, sometimes.
14.) What do you think of those Kidz Bop commercials? they creep me out a little.
15.) What CDs in your collection are you ashamed to admit you own? uhm. *shrug*
16.) Got any toe socks? yea.
17.) Do you find that you rub off on your friends more, or vice versa? usually the same amount but i do pick up other people's habits and phrases easily.
18.) What time is it? uhm, 8:25 am
19.) Does anybody really know what time it is? time is a human construct
20.) Does anybody really care? many dont.
21.) Who sings that song, anyway? i know its a song but i cant think of it right now.
22.) Do you untie your shoelaces before taking them off? depends on what kind of shoe, i try to avoid it though.
23.) Ever have random hallucinations? i have in the past.
24.) Ever take your pet for a walk? i walk my friends dogs sometimes, but cats dont really dig the leash deal.
25.) Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry? yes.
26.) How much do you sleep? some nights i sleep 8 - 10 hours. more often than not its between 2 - 4 hours.
27.) Do you think staying at home and raising the kids is primarily "women's work"? no, not at all.
28.) What do you think about gay marriage? i dont have a problem with it.
29.) Do blondes annoy you in general? people in general do, but not because of their hair color. unless its a color that really bothers me.
30.) Ever done illegal drugs? quite often.
31.) Do you smoke? *sigh* yes. you can tell, my lungs are all fluidy and i sound like an old woman right now.
32.) Have sex? yea.
33.) Yell at your parents? not my dad because i rarely speak with him, but my mom sometimes. we get in the most insane screaming matches
34.) Compete with your siblings? maybe if i had siblings
35.) Think you got enough love as a child? in some areas more than enough, and in some areas none at all.
36.) Listen to pop music? on occasion, usually if im drunk and just feel like singing and jumping around.
37.) Out of your own, what's your favorite lotion/body wash/cream/perfume/cologne/etc. scent? i really like when people smell like soap, or lavender. and boys smell really good, some of them. that natural good smell ya know?
38.) Why do fools fall in love? why does anyone?
39.) Why is the sky blue? relfection.
40.) Did you know that your metabolism slows down at night; so if you have a midnight snack you will probably gain weight in the morning? believe me i know. im a teenage girl. of course i know.
41.) Are you going to have an open casket funeral? if i had my way my body would be thrown up in the woods so some scavengers could get a decent meal of me. then have my bones burned in a huge fire and my ashes dumped into the ocean.
42.) Do you bruise easily? my legs do.
43.) Does death fascinate you? yes.
44.) Ever dated someone five years older (or more) than you? nope.
45.) Ever dated someone five years younger (or more) than you? no. im not that much of a pedophile.
46.) What's with all the black rappers right now having such terrible teeth? uhm. shut the hell up. i dont care.
47.) What was the whole "rosebud" thing all about? no idea.
48.) How many people do you think would come to your funeral? a lot of people actually.
49.) Are you wondering why I'm still on the death thing? not really.
50.) Who said this: "Death, taxes, and childbirth. There's never a convenient time for any of them.": i have no idea, i could look it up, but im lazy.
51.) Have you ever contributed to someone's death? not to my knowledge, but in the greater scheme of things does it matter?
52.) What Hollywood celebrity annoys you the most? *shrug* i dont know, i dont care about that stuff much.
53.) What do you think about school? waste of my time, i wish i could have been homeschooled, i would have graduated years ago.
54.) Are you addicted to the internet? not anymore.
55.) Do you have those little white vitamin deficiency marks on your fingernails? no.
56.) Dog person or cat person? both really.
57.) What do you take when you have a headache? usually nothing.
58.) What's your alcoholic drink of choice? it really depends on my mood but i fucking love rum. straight. im a straight liquor kind of girl.
59.) Is "settling down" a major priority for you (meaning; married, good job, spending your extra money on new curtains and mowing the lawn on weekends)?no, frankly im the type of person who will probably drift through their entire life. i cant stand being tied down to anything.
60.) Do you have a calendar/datebook? yea, and i rarely use it.
61.) Was "Beaches" as good a movie as everyone says it is? my mom and i used to watch it together <3
62.) Physically, are you usually cold or warm? i vary between both extremes, at night im really sensitive to the cold. its weird.
63.) Socially, are you usually cold or warm? when im not faking a happy face? cold. im sort of detached from people. im really shy and socially awkward.
64.) Ever been so depressed that you don't shower, do the dishes, clean up anything, answer your phone or move from your couch for more than a couple days? couple of days? try weeks, months. and yes.
65.) When you hear the scientific term "the big bang", do dirty thoughts come to mind? no, but it probably will now that you said something.
66.) Do you ever walk by someone and they go, "how are you?" and you go, how are you?"....and you keep on walkin'? yes, i hate that though. they dont really care, you probably dont care. small talk is a waste of time.
67.) Wouldn't you rather we all just avoid eye contact and not say anything at all?! sometimes. i have a hard time keeping eye contact with people i dont know very well.
68.) Ever do volunteer work? on occasion.
69.) Do you think community service should really be given as a punishment for criminals? sure. why not?
70.) Do you shoplift? i have.
71.) Ever worked so hard that you cried? yea.
72.) What if God was one of us? i really dont know how to respond.
73.) Who sings that song? joan osbourne
74.) Are you old enough to remember the commercial with little old lady saying "where's the beef?" hahaha. yes.
75.) Finish this sentence: "My kingdom for a/an ________.": horse.
76.) Do you remember the Care Bear craze? hell yea, i loved care bears! i still like 'em.
77.) How about when Oprah was fat? isnt she still? i dont know. who cares. oprah is creepy.
78.) Remember Pogs? haha oh god yea. josh and i had thousands of the damn things. i had this really cool dolphin slammer.
79.) Remember when that gymnast sprained her ankle in the summer Olympics, 1996? no.
80.) Remember what you were doing yesterday at this time? pretty much the same thing.
81.) Do you love shoes? shoes are good.
82.) What shampoo do you use? i dont. seriously. its bad for my hair.
83.) How do you feel right now? amped and very with it.
84.) Do you let dogs lick your face? yea. sometimes. thats an odd question.
85.) Do you subscribe to Playgirl or Playboy? no.
86.) What are you doing right now besides filling out this survey? listening to music, working on my senior project, thinking about time travel, thinking about how i need a cig, thinking about how stupid i am.
87.) What year were you born? 1985.
88.) Do you rule that year? i rule nothing.
89.) Do you paint your nails? yep. i rock the chipped nailpolish look.
90.) What's your hair length? when its wet its to the middle of my back. dry to my shoulders. it was longer but i got it cut. obviously.
91.) When did you get a cut/trim last? ahhh. a couple weeks ago.
92.) Do you have hoity-toity relatives, or trailer trash relatives? mostly trailer trash junky alcoholic manic depressives. i have a horrible gene pool.
93.) Would you consider yourself to have an innovative mind? *shrug* yea, i suppose.
94.) Has an old man/woman ever flirted with you? haha yes. both old men and women. so creepy.
95.) Ever written a survey like this? probably when i was like 13.
96.) Would you ever consider dating someone who'd been in prison? depending on what they were in prison for.
97.) Are you worth crying over? my lack of self esteem makes me want to say no, but peope have cried over me so, yea i guess i am.
98.) Do you know anyone who's drowned? no.
99.) Would you rather have a one-on-one conversation or go to a party? depending on my mood. if i feel stressed or just in one of my solitary moods, sometimes i would rather be at a party because you dont have to open up like you do in a real conversation and i can always sneak off by myself.
100.) Do you feel better after purging all this random information from your system? i feel the same.
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