May 27th, 2004


last night tara and i were laughing so hard that we had to smother ourselves with pillows and we were still really loud.

that girl tanya really bothers me. i dont want her in my ride again, ever.

my legs are fat.

my crotch hurts.

im running on 3 hours of sleep. i went to fall asleep at 2:30am but was awake until 4.. why, i couldnt tell you. i just stared at the ceiling. yea.

people need to stop going through my shit.

i might be getting out of school suspension for the first time ever because i skipped school and was supposedly seen hitchhiking. yeaaa.

i need nicotine. now.

i need a nice bad pirate boy to do the whole fwb deal.

k, im tired.
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