July 3rd, 2004

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When you step into an elevator and see a friend you: something like "hey _______, what are you doing?" or "EEEEEEEEEE! yo man whats going on?!"
An aquaintence: "hey"
Someone you've met once or twice: a very quiet "hi"
A stranger?: usually just a nod and a smile, or a quite highpitched hi.
How often do you end up listening to people's problems when you really don't care?: more than you'll ever know
How far do you let people go before you tell them off?: it takes a lot and then i just completely snap.
What does a friend have to do to be kicked out of your life?: completely fuck me over, and probably a few times.
How do you react to phone sales(wo)men?: sometimes i listen politely, other times i just hang up, and when im in one of my "moods" i fuck with them until they wished they never called.
How often to people just randomly start talking to you?: quite often.
Do you try to escape them, talk to be polite, or really enjoy talking with a stranger?: usually try to escape them.
How do you feel, react, ect, to people when you first meet them?: very shy, nervous, self-conscious.. weary..
How long does it take you to warm up to people?: depends on the person.
Are you usually invited to go on outings with friends/coworkers/schoolmates/whoever?: yup.
After a party how do you usually feel about your night?: usually very worn out from being around so many people.

What is your view, in general, on rules?: i follow the ones i feel make sense..
Do you ever call in sick to work/school/whatever when you aren't?: on occasion..not usually though. i only do so if i just really need some fun time or a mental health day.
When out with your SO, a friend comes over and starts hanging all over him/her. How do you react?: i dont have a s/o.. but i'd either not give a shit or kill the cunt, it could really go either way.
Have you ever hooked up with someone you knew was attached? If yes, would you again? If not, would you ever?: yes, yes i would again. im a bad person like that.
The last time someone tore into you for doing something wrong (that was something you did do), what was it?: uhm.my mom flipped out on me because she was just being crazy during my graduation party,
How did you react to this person?: screamed, punched shit, cried, and then got high.
Your boss (or parents or friends or whatever) wants your ass for work this weekend, but you are packed with plans. Do you work, play or compromise?: work, maybe compromise, but more than likely work.
What do you consider being mischievous: doing sneaky, but not horrible or meanhearted shit. just funny little stuff.
You're borrowing a shirt and stain it. Do you... return and apologize, return and let it go unnoticed, return and blame stain on lender, buy new shirt, etc?: apoligize and offer to replace it.
Do you cheer for the good guy or bad guy?: depends.. a lot of times the bad guy.

What do you consider to be the kinkiest thing you've done?: ahhhh.. id rather not say.
Whats the kinkiest you'll ever do?: well im hanging from the ceiling by my nipples while im typing so..
What do you think about masturbation?: whatever. not my thing.
Do you think masturbation should be a part of your sex life with your lover?: sure. why not.
When you're about to reach orgasm, what is usually going through your mind?: usually something like why are my legs fucking numb and trying not to scratch the person's skin off.. yea. im mean like that. i cant help it..
Is discussing sex with your partner scary for you, a turn on, just a healthy practice, etc?: *shrug* depends..
Do you fake orgasm? Do you do it often?: no.
How often do you like to have sex?: if i had my choice? probably like 3 times a day. *ahem*
How often does your partner like to have sex?: *shrug* dont know, dont care.
Do you feel comfortable communicating sexual desires?: not unless im drunk. otherwise im rather shy.
How is your sex life in general?: eh, its just begun.
What do you feel when you think of having sex with your partner?: uhm, hey i get to go fuck now! yay!
How long do you like foreplay to last?: depends, sometimes its nice but a lot of the time i just wanna fuck.
Does your partner fulfill your foreplay requirement?: depends.
What was your mind on the last time you had sex?: i dont remember.
How long does sex usually last (foreplay to climax)?: anywhere from 30 - 1 1/2hours usually.
How do you feel about dirty talk?: i dont know.
How often do you make the first move?: very, very rarely.

What's your ideal way to spend a dream evening?: playing outside, doing something like playing basketball or tag or laser tag or driving fast and then hanging out and going for a walk. and then have a few drinks. and fuck. yea.
The person you've been seeing for a month proposes. How do you react?: probably i'd scream fuck you and tell them to get the fuck away from me.
Which movie does your romantic life remind you of?: *shrug* a clockwork orange. no, no. im kidding. i dont fucking know. debbie does dallas? hahaha. no. shit.
What article of clothing would you most like to receive from your lover?: a skirt.
What type of gift in general?: a drawing.
Do you believe gifts are an integral part of romance?: no, but blowjobs are. ;x
Do you believe expensive dinners are an integral part of romance?: blech. no.
Are flowers?: no, but thats so cute.
What did you give your SO for valentine's day?: i have no s/o
What did your SO get for you?: n/a
What is your philosophy on love and falling in love?: maybe someday but i cant handle all the clingy shit now..
How do you know when you love someone?: *shrug*
When you still don't love someone but know you could, how do you know its possible?: i know i really do love certain people. that i could, anyway, but the situation is wrong and im not ready for it. i just know.
When did you know you loved the person you're with (or last person you were with)?: when i realized i worry about them all the time and that i would actually die for them and would do damn near anything to make life better for them.
What type of criteria do you have for a future life partner?: the list is so long that i am destined to have a life full of flinbgs and maybe nothing more.
When you are in love with your SO, do you expect things to change at all in your relationship? How? Does this ever happen?: everything needs to change or it gets old.
What was the first thing that attracted you to your most recent partner?: last time i had an s/o i loved their caring sweet innocent personality.
What is the most important aspect of a love relationship?: for me? trust.
How often does your SO compliment you?: n/a
How often do you want to be complimented?: not often, compliments make me very uneasy.
How often do you compliment them?: often.
If you got sick would your SO do all they can to take care of you, or would they run away?: be there.
Does your SO make enough time for you?: n/a
Does your SO surprise you with gifts?: n/a
You guys can't agree on what movie to rent. Do you tend to give in to your SO, compromise, or get your own way?: give in a lot of them time.
What's your opinion on people who do everything for their SO?: i want to vomit on them.
If there's something your SO loves to do and you hate, would you do it with them, make a compromise, or say no way?: id probably do it.
Do you believe in love at first sight?: lust.
Who's more apt to campaign for a night at home rather than out with friends?: n/a
Who refers to the other in the possessive more often?: n/a
Who bares your soul more readily?: n/a but i doubt it would be me.

Have you ever had dreams of yourself walking down the aisle?: no
Do you know what kind of engagement ring you want?: all i want is a claddaugh, if, iiiiiiiiif, i could ever settle down.
Wedding ring?: ^
Do you read bridal magazines?: hell no.
When you go shopping do you notice things you'd like to incorporate into your wedding?: hahaha.
Do you have a set age you want to be married by, or an age that you won't get married until you reach it?: i dont want to get married before 30.
Your dream dress will make you look/feel like (ex. a princess, madonna turned bride, casual yet elegant, wearing jeans): something very elegant, with lace. and studs.
What type of bridal party do you want? (small group of those you love, every friend you have, no party): small group.
Will you let your groom see you before you go down the aisle?: no, im superstitious as fuck sometimes.
Your bridal shower will be like: it will so be at a strip joint.
If you modelled your wedding after someone else, what would it be like? (movie or celeb wedding): fuck you.
What do you think about wedding etiquette?: fuck it.
Will the reception be classic, a drunken ho down, or something in the middle?: oh, it will so be a drunken ho down.
What kind of gifts, if any, will you register for?: uh..
Your dream guest list includes (ex. closest friends, everyone you know, just witnesses): close friends and family.
Who should pay for your wedding?: you.
You want the guests to look (casual, elegent, how they want): however they feel comfortable.
What do you want the topper on your wedding cake to be?: a bride and groom with angels around them..
What is your dream honeymoon spot:? a beach somewhere really rural and quiet and peaceful.

How many children do you want?: 3 or 5..
What do you hope their sex is?: boys, and i think my first will be a girl. damn girls..
Do you have name ideas?: Yes
What do you hope they're like as a baby?: healthy.
Toddler?: smart
Child?: not a fucktard
Preteen?: ^
Teen?: happy
Adult?: happy and not an asshole
Parent?: a damn good one, patient and loving.
Friend?: loyal, trustworthy
Student?: *shrug*
Any preferences on looks?: yea, i want my kids to be hot. shut the hell up man.
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