chaos - a state of extreme confusion and disorder (bangbangyoudie) wrote,
chaos - a state of extreme confusion and disorder

|| You: ||
Nickname(s): riki, stinky, scurvy, pirate woman, waldo, crigger
Initials : eln
How old do you look? : i look older than i am. most people think im 20 - 23..
How old do you act?: depends. i spend most of my time doing kid shit now, but i really do bounce back and forth between acting like im a little kid and an old man.. sara and i once decided that i am a perfect mix of a senile perverted 80 year old man and a 5 year old girl.
Glasses/Contacts: both
Braces: fuck you man, i like my gap..
Do you have any pets?: yesm.
You get embarrassed: often
What makes you happy?: what makes me happy today might make me cry tomorrow..
What upsets you?: ^ the reverse..

|| Finish the sentence: ||
I Love to... feel free
I Miss... steve even though hes not gone yet..
I Wish... for lots of things.
I Hope...that i am out of new york state within the next couple weeks.
I'm Annoyed by...drama.
I Am... in need of a cig.
I Am Tired of...shit breaking.
I Will Always be...chaotic.

|| Lasts: ||
Last Phone Number You Called: lohr's
Last show you watched on TV: uhm. the kids are watching spongebob

|| Have you ever: ||
Thought you were going to die: quite a few times.
Flunked a grade: no.
Skipped a grade: no, im smart enough, just too lazy. i didnt give a fuck in school.

Using band names, spell out your first name:
Kill Your Idols
Aesop Rock

2) Have you ever had a song written about you?
actually yea. WOO. i feel good now.
3) What song makes you cry?
when steve plays stairway to heaven i always want to cry.
4) What song makes you happy?
sink, florida, sink. dead bodies.
5) What do you like to listen to before bed?
6) Name a song by Coal Chamber:
7) Who was/were your idol/s when you were younger?
i had a real big thing for elvis.
8) First album you ever bought?
probably foghat. haha. i dont know really.
9) Name a song that reminds you of someone and why:
stupid fucking drunk cunt.. and it reminds me of me! fuck the rest of ya bastards!

A is for age: 18
B is for boyfriend: who i ran over and buried in my back yard.
C is for career: victim of the chaotic wanderlust
D is for dad's name: keith
E is for essential item to bring to a party: cigs.
F is for favorite song at the moment: i keep randomly singing pool shark.
G is for good movie you recently saw: kill bill, yea, the first one, im behind on the times man.
H is for hometown: honolulu
I is for instruments you play: skinflute ;x
J is for jewel that you like: moonstone.
K is for kids: someday
L is for living arrangements: tara.
M is for mom's name : susan
N is for number of people you've slept with: slept with? ive slept with tons of people.. ive had sex with one if thats what you're asking
O is for overnight hospital stays: uhm..2.. or 5. i dont know anymore. nah, its like 3.
P is for phobia[s]: heights, jumping into deep water, deep water in general, bridges, spiders, the dark, death, just to name a few
Q is for quote you like: "a halo only has to slip a few inches to become a noose"
R is for right, what's on your right: papers
S is for sexual position: i really dont know what its called..
T is for time you wake up: usually around 9.. but when left to my own devices. i sleep at odd times.
U is for unique trait(s): im not unique.
V is for vegetable you love: por tar tars
W is for worst habit: procrastination
X is for x-rays you've had: like 7
Y is for yummy food you make: doombread
Z is for zodiac sign: sag
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