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the cleaning begins again..

last night i was at the fireworks and joel called my cell phone. did i mention i hate cell phones? he was fucking drunk off his ass and put his car over a ditch at his job. so he called me bawling his eyes out begging for help. after a lot of bullshit vic got a towtruck to get the car.
joel can be funny when hes that drunk though. he called and vic and tara were fighting and he heard vic yelling and he's like "are you okay? do you need help? ERIKA! do you need help?!" haha. it took forever to convince him everything was okay.

anyway. my mom is driving me insane and i might just have to lock her in a closet or something.

i have tons of shit to do so.. i guess i'll go do that.

oh and allergies suck balls.
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