chaos - a state of extreme confusion and disorder (bangbangyoudie) wrote,
chaos - a state of extreme confusion and disorder

For each experience, rate it 0-5:
2-a few times in my life
3-a few times in a year
4-a few times in a month
5-more than once a week

1. Had a feeling of deja vu. 4
2. Had a feeling of being in touch with someone far away, without using the traditional 5 senses. 4
3. Practiced white magic for the good of others. 0
4. Been to a spiritual healer who helped your problem. 0
5. Known an event would happen without a normal way for you to know this. 4
6. Successfully used Ouija, tarot cards, etc. to learn information. 4
7. Given someone a psychic reading. 2
8. As an adult, carried "good luck" charms. 3
9. Had your prayers answered. 5
10. Paid to see a fortune-teller or psychic. 0
11. Seen or felt the presence of a ghost. 5
12. Moved or bent an object using mental energy. 2
13. Personally seen aliens. 0
14. Wondered whether you could have ESP. 0 i know i do.
15. Had an outside spirit temporarily enter your body. 0
16. Taken actions based on your horoscope. 0
17. Felt that you or your consciousness was OUTSIDE your body. 3
18. Read someone's palm/tarot cards/etc. 3
19. Had a dream/vision that became prophetic. 4
20. Had a feeling you may have been abducted by aliens. 0
21. Used homeopathic remedies to cure an illness. 2
22. Personally seen a spell or incantation work. 1
23. Changed your luck by performing certain rituals. 0
24. Felt that you were in touch with someone who was dead. 5
25. Been able to tell what someone was thinking about. 3.. if it was feeling its a 5.
26. Had an unusual premonition come true. 3
27. Practiced voodoo or black magic. 0
28. Felt you were in the presence of demons. not demons.. but evil.. 3
29. Personally seen [not on tv] a strange creature kill someone. 0
30. Seen or felt someone else's aura. 5
31. Had a near death experience. 2
32. Bought or used a gemstone or crystal for healing powers. 2
33. Cast a spell or used an incantation AGAINST someone. 1
34. Seen a magician's performance on TV. 3
35. Seen/felt the presence of a spirit guide or angel. 4
36. Witnessed a true miracle. 2
37. Made things happen to other people just by thinking about it. 2
38. Studied and used spells successfully. 0
39. Correctly senses someone was in trouble. 4
40. Healed someone without touching them. 0
41. Seen a UFO. 0
42. Sensed an energy field around someone's possessions. 4
43. Seen or heard an unidentified animal. 2
44. Seen a faith healing. 0
45. Personally met someone you thought was psychic. 2
46. Been in a house you believed was haunted. 3
47. Had someone claim to see your aura. 2
48. Felt that you have had previous lives. 2
49. Read your horoscope. 3
50. Met someone who believes they have ESP. 2
51. Been possessed by a demon. 0
52. Been thinking of someone just before they contacted you. 5
53. Personally seen someone practice white magic. 0
54. Had your mind leave your body. 3
55. Personally seen a spirit harm another spirit. felt it.. 2
56. Had a life-changing spiritual experience. 2
57. Done astral projection. 0
58. Guessed someone astrological sign from their personality. 0
59. Thought about your own death. 5
60. Had a mistaken memory in which something you thought happened to you really happened in a movie, tv show, dream, etc. 0

current clothing: dark blue jeans, white socks, neon pick shoes, black antiflag hoodie, lighting bolt shirt.
current mood: happy.
current taste: mint
current hair: dirty, messy, smelly
current annoyance: some of my friends
current smell: cologne. a guy just walked by.
current taste: still mint
current thing you ought to be doing: studying
current ... jewelry : tons of bracelts, my necklace i got when i was a baby. uhm my lip ring.
current book: im reading a lot of books right now.
current refreshment: none.
current worry: that chris will change his mind and hate me.
current crush: crushes are for assholes.
current favorite celebrity: i dont know.
current longing: sleep and nachos.
current music: Nothing.
current lyrics in your head: "sometimes i wish i could just turn my back and run, just turn my back and run away, sometimes i feel like i just gotta gotta get a gun and reach the top of the world my own way"
current make-up (if you're a girl): none.
current regret: not telling chris sooner.
current desktop picture: donnie darko
current plans for tonight/weekend: uhm. get a bag. get my nose repierced maybe. uhm. study. shower.
current cuss word du jour: twatdust.
current dissapointment: the human race.
current amusement: this girl looks a little elfish. thats cool.-
current IM/person you are talking to: none
current love: chris
current obsession: nachos.
current avoidance: class
current thing or things on your wall: i dont have a wall damnit.
current favorite book: anything by vonnegut
current favorite movie: i want to watch donnie darko. now.
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